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Sneaker Heads and Hype Beasts

Westfield Kotara celebrated the opening of JD Sports with a bang so you better believe Fisheye Creative was there to capture the whole thing

Bringing the Heat for Westfield

This project arrived through my second home Fisheye Creative, Westfield Kotara was launching their expansion with the opening of an entire w

Hard Hats & Mobile Apps

Showing off an app takes some work, just pointing a camera at a phone won't cut it, because chances are your phone's screen just isn't...

First Time on a Film Set.

When I heard the makers of Wyrmwood were making another film and looking for help on a sizzle scene, I contacted them immediately.

Beach Frolicking with a Model

I reached out to a friend who was getting into photography, I proposed that we went on a shoot together so I could show her a few things.

Tesla Cars in Mojo Homes

This project was a trial by fire for me, as my second project working with Toybox Films involved stepping up to the role of Camera Assistant

Mexican Music in France?

I was lucky enough to have been selected to travel to France with a handful of University students to attend a World Culture Festival.

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