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A Sizzling Video for a Sizzling Property

In all my time working on real estate profiles with Fisheye Creative this one had to take the cake. In a secluded street still only moments from the beach this hidden gem required some special handling.

Armed with a Sony FS5 and Atomos Shogun recorder, Head of Production Nic Roberts went and tackled the house for a full day in order to supply me with the amazing Raw footage I had to work from.

It was crucial for this edit to walk a fine line between energy and sophistication, at it's price point in the housing market the need to highlight the architectural style and elegance while ensuring the viewer is engaged from the first to the last second could be the difference between a sale or just another lost engagement.

Working with raw images has it's advantages, primarily the ability to sculpt the look as much as you want in the editing bay. This however comes with its own workflows that can increase the post-production time considerably as the colour grading process can be quite intense, it is then obviously important to assess whether a project is actually improved by this extra time spent. In this case it definitely was. Check out the edit and colour wizardry below, but don't forget to appreciate the hard work of Nic.

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