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Getting Paid to Play with Dolls

This was my very first project working with the guys over at Toybox Films, and it could not have been more fun, I was contacted to assist Simon Rippingale the projects director with re-shoots for a stop motion video for the insurance company Simplr.

The re-shoots involved animating the wrestling scene in the middle and the small car at the very end.

Frame by frame Simon and I incrementally shifted these toys which had been re-purposed for stop motion. I pitched an idea to Simon that for the first shot we should cover the top half the lens with clear cellophane so that the lights either side of the frame had an ambient glow.

It took a full two days down in the Toybox Films garage but we managed to get the job done. Check it out below.

Director: Simon Rippingale

Producer: Glenn Cogan

DoP: Aaron Haberfield

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