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First Time on a Film Set.

When I heard the makers of Wyrmwood were making another film and looking for help on a sizzle scene, I contacted them immediately and jumped on board as a production assistant. I didn't even blink when I realised I would have to get up at 4:30am to travel to Sydney for the call time. I was on set with a coffee in one hand and an energy drink in the other ready to see how a film gets made.

A production assistant's role is to do basically anything, during my time on set I floated between helping the art department with aging props, picking up supplies for fake blood (golden syrup and red food dye), helping the caterers with the craft services table and getting the occasional coffee. In between these moments I was observing from video village as Kiah and Tristan went to work creating a tense horror atmosphere.

Overall it was a great experience and the final product turned out pretty incredible (definitely thanks to my fake blood).

Director: Kiah Roache-Turner

Writers: Kiah Roache-Turner & Tristan Roache-Turner

Producer: Tristan Roache-Turner

DoP: Tim Nagle

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