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What we Do

Dumb Luck Productions provides video production services both on a direct-to-client and agency basis.

The future of marketing is digital and our social media friendly videos help you reach those most important to you, directly to the screen in their pocket.

Newcastle based owner Luke Gayner is a dedicated creative content producer fluent in video, he is able to nurture your project from conception to completion, or if you only require a little extra help on deck he is available to freelance as an editor or camera operator. 

Luke Gayner

Luke is Dumb Luck Productions, and as such is director, cinematographer, editor, and on occasion, colour wizard.


An avid film fan, Luke appreciates all things cinema, with a keen eye for vivid imagery and an instinct for story telling, he knows how to tell your story best.

From real estate profiles to brand videos, from weddings to live sport, Luke has worked on them all introducing his flair for the cinematic to everything he touches.


For more info see Luke's resume.


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For more info on my involvement with these clients head over to the projects page


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